Saturday, March 17, 2012



I hate the sound of the jackhammer - loud, irritating.

Often I feel God deals with me like a jackhammer, but it is not He who is loud or irritating -- but me. As He demolishes the strongholds in my life, sinful cemented habits, wrong thinking, pettiness, evil thoughts, pride, stubbornness, selfishness, defensiveness, unbelief, things hidden within that I don't want others to know about, and those things I am not even aware of - irritating sounds erupt - FROM ME. The LORD Jesus though continues His sanctifying work by His grace.

He wills to - for He is holy and His will is for His child, to be holy.

John 17:17 "Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth."

Painfully thankful for His way: the Holy Spirit, the Word. Thankful for those who faithfully preach the Word which jackhammers my wicked heart. I must obey...but I struggle. Wretched/stubborn sinner that I am, but praising God for He has set me free and has given me life and power through His Spirit who dwells in me.

Psalm 12:6 "The words of the Lord are pure words, like silver refined in a furnace on the ground purified seven times."

Grateful to the LORD for the gift of repentance. God says I can "with confidence draw near" Him and will receive mercy and find grace when I do. Grateful to the LORD for those in the church who love this old jackhammer even when she is at her most irritating.


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